Dragon Roost Island

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Dragon Roost Island


Dragon Roost Island is the fourth island Link visits in The Wind Waker. It is the home of the Rito, a bird-like tribe responsible for all the mail around the Great Sea. This island has a large volcano, inside of which is the Dragon Roost Cavern, and atop of which is where the Spirit of the Skies, Valoo, can be found. The Cavern is the first dungeon of the game, and it is where Link finds and fights the first boss, Gohma. Some notable characters who reside on this island are Medli, Prince Komali, the Rito Chieftain, and Quill. This island lies in the far northeast of the Great Sea. This is also where Link will learn the Wind's Requiem which will allow Link to change the direction of the Wind. This song can only be used when Link is outdoors.