Dracozu River

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Dracozu River

Dracozu River is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Dracozu River is part of the Damel Forest. Water from the Dracozu River will flow east and then north, spilling out into the Dracozu Lake.

There are a pair of treasure chests found in the water. The first is near the start of the river, just east of the Bokoblin stronghold. The treasure chest is underwater and contains a Purple Rupee. Another treasure chest that contains a purple rupee can be found further along the river, closer to the Dracozu Lake.

Several Blue Lizalfos can be found in the water of the Dracozu River. More dangerous than this are the Electric Lizalfos that are on the higher elevations, just beside the river.

Throughout the river, there are numerous Hyrule Bass found in the water, as well as the occasional Hearty Bass.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Lift the stone above the small waterfall.

Pick up the rock.