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Town Guard




Dorrah is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Dorrah can be found standing guard just outside of Gerudo Town. She stands guard alongside Merina, where the two of them where there 24-hours a day. She can be seen wielding a Gerudo Spear.

Dorrah will tell Link that Gerudo Town has a long tradition of not allowing any males into the village and that it is her job to uphold that tradition.[1] She encourages Link to visit the Kara Kara Bazaar if he's looking for any materials for a journey. Dorrah will explain to Link that the word 'voe' translates to 'man' and that the word 'vai' translates to 'woman'.[2]

If Link attempts to enter the town without wearing the Gerudo Clothes, Dorrah and Merina will point their Gerudo Spears at Link, threatening to attack him.[3]

If Link wears the Gerudo Clothes, he can speak with Dorrah who tells Link that the town is safe from any men, so he can rest easy.[4] She encourages Link to learn the Gerudo language if he plans to stay in the town for a while.[5]


  1. Sav'saaba. Sorry, but in Gerudo Town it is tradition that voe are not permitted entry. We honor that tradition very strictly. If you need to prepare for a journey, you should head to the oasis near the desert's entrance, Kara Kara Bazaar - Dorrah
  2. Not "boe"! Voe! Bite your bottom lip as you say it. It translates as "man" in your language. So long as we're on the subject, vai is our word for "woman." What do you think? Pretty easy to remember? - Dorrah
  3. Freeze! Where do you think you're going?! Not into town-that's for sure! No voe allowed. Off with you! - Dorrah
  4. This place is famous for its bustling trade, but also for our unusual rule allowing only vai into the town. We're constantly on the lookout for anyone suspicious, so you can rest easy here. - Dorrah
  5. Not "bai"! Vai! Bite your bottom lip as you say it. It translates to "woman" in your language. So long as we're on the subject, voe is our word for "man." What do you think? If you plan to stay awhile, you'd do well to learn the language. - Dorrah