Door Mimic

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Door Mimic
Door Mimic from Ocarina of Time




Door Mimics are traps in Ocarina of Time and The Minish Cap.

Ocarina of Time

Door Mimics are simple traps that look just like regular doors. They can be found in the Fire Temple, Gerudo Training Ground, and Spirit Temple. In this game, they do nothing unless Link tries to open them, which makes them fall on top of him. Aggravating as that is, they can be quickly avoided because they wiggle if Link attempts to go through them, and as one of the Gorons earlier mentioned, they die rather simply with a Bomb blast.

Link can easily tell which doors are real because real ones indent into the wall, while fake ones stick out a little ways. Link must keep an eye out for this before he opens any door, and he should easily defeat any trickery that would befall him otherwise.

The Minish Cap

Door Mimics in The Minish Cap can be found in the Palace of Winds and Dark Hyrule Castle . They can be avoided with the same tactics like in Ocarina of Time.

Door Mimic
DoorMimicFigurine.gif Appears in the Royal Valley & Dark Hyrule Castle. They look like doors, but they're really traps! If you get too close to one, it will fall down on you!