Digging Game

The Digging Game is a mini-game that appears in A Link to the Past.

Digging Game
Digging Game in ALttP.png
The Digging Game in A Link to the Past





80 Rupees


Dig for Buried Treasure



"Explorers in the Dark World noted that it was full of treasure and hidden items. An ambitious landowner in the southeast section of the Village of Outcasts took advantage of that fact by fencing off his land and charging treasure hunters 80 Rupees to dig up the dirt for 30 seconds. If they found anything, they could keep it! A Piece of Heart, the real prize, was hidden well and moved often."

"A Big Dig"
"There were many places to dig in the sizeable Treasure Field. While it was quite possible for adventurers to find enough Rupees to earn their money back, it usually took severally attempts to find the buried Piece of Heart that was hidden somewhere in that large yard."

--A Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide


A Link to the Past

 This character is the Digging Game Operator that runs the Digging Game to the Southwest of the Village of Outcasts. To play the game, Link must pay 80 rupees and depending on whether or not Link has the Shovel, the operator may or may not provide him with the shovel he is holding. Link is given 30 seconds to dig at any spot he wishes and can dig up a variety of things: Rupees, stock items, and even a Piece of Heart.

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