Derby Girl

The Derby Girl is a minor character in A Link Between Worlds.

Derby Girl
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Member of




Girl (Hyrulean Counterpart)

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
United States English Derby Girl
Spain Español Niña (Girl)

She appears by the Octoball Derby field to give Link advice on how to play the game. She explains how hitting three pots causes a bird to appear, which Link can hit for extra points, and how all the pots will reappear if Link hits a crab.[1][2] She also tells Link that moving the Circle Pad changes his stance, which causes the trajectory of the ball to change.[3]



  1. "If you hit three pots in a row, you'll see a bird cross the field. Hit it for an extra 20 Rupees, kid!" — Derby Girl, A Link Between Worlds
  2. "Here's a pro tip, kid: the pots reset if you hit one of the crabs." — Derby Girl, A Link Between Worlds
  3. "Move the Circle Pad up and down to change your batting stance. Your distance depends on your stance!" — Derby Girl, A Link Between Worlds