Dekadin's House

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Dekadin's House
Dekadin's House Interior





In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Maison de Dekadin (Dekadin’s House)
Spain Español Casa de Dekadin (Dekadin’s House)
Germany Deutsch Dekadins Haus (Dekadin’s House)
Italy Italiana Casa di Dekadin (Dekadin’s House)

Dekadin's House[1] is a location found near the center of Lynna Village within Oracle of Ages in the Past. It is the home of a small boy named Dekadin, who apparently lives alone. The home is very dim lit, with hardly any light at all. The house is very plainly decorated, with bookshelves in the top two corners, a seat and a desk and the top of the home, and a small bed in the bottom-right. In the Present, Dekadin's House is replaced by the home of a Grandma and her grandson.

This locations play a part in the trading sequence. If Link visits Dekadin at any point in the game, Dekadin tells Link that he is very depressed, and wishes to laugh until he forgets everything.[2] Once Link has acquired the Funny Joke from the Comedian, he can bring it to Dekadin, and tell him the joke. After hearing the joke, Dekadin stutters, and then tells Link it was so funny he forgot to laugh.[3] He thanks Link, saying he can now be as depressed as he wants to be, and offers Link any book from his bookshelf.[3] Link chooses the Touching Book, the next item in the sequence.

If Link revisits Dekadin's House after this encounter, Dekadin tells Link that only the darkness can ease his heart, and that laughing away his troubles was just a dream deferred.[4] He then tells Link to fly off, "like a bird I once saw".[5]



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