Death Mountain Summit

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Death Mountain Summit

Death Mountain Summit is a location in Ocarina of Time directly above Death Mountain. As its name suggests, it is the top of the mountain and also serves as the home of the Great Fairy of Power and a Great Fairy Fountain. Biggoron lives on the summit as well, but can only be found when Link is an adult.

Great Fairy of Power

After climbing up to the summit, Link will find his old owl friend Kaepora Gaebora waiting at the top. The owl will inform him that there is a Great Fairy of Power dwelling nearby. A noticeably weak-looking area in the rock can be seen just to the left of where Link meets Kaepora Gaebora. Simply pull out a Bomb and detonate it, and it will reveal a Fairy Fountain. If Link plays the "Zelda's Lullaby" song, the Great Fairy of Power will emerge and grant Link the power of magic in the form of the Magic Meter.


Main article: Biggoron

Link will find himself face-to-face with Biggoron many times on the summit. During the quest for the Biggoron's Sword, Link will find that Biggoron has incredibly itchy eyes and will not be able to craft the Broken Goron's Sword (identical to the Giant's Knife) into the Biggoron's Sword, so he ventures out to find the World's Finest Eye Drops. Once he does, it will cure Biggoron of his ailment and the large Goron will give Link the Claim Check, which must be presented to Biggoron three days later. Once that time comes, Link will finally receive the unparalleled Biggoron's Sword!