Death Mountain Crater

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Death Mountain Crater is located in the heart of Death Mountain in Ocarina of Time. Inside this massive crater rests the Fire Temple, along with seemingly endless pools of flowing lava. Unless Link is wearing the Goron Tunic, he will have a limited time in the crater before dying.

The Crater is divided into two areas - a high wall accessible from the Death Mountain Summit at any time, and a lower part initially reached via Darunia's room in Goron City as an adult. The later area contains the Fire Temple; a broken bridge where Sheik teaches Link the Bolero of Fire, which warps him to a Triforce Pedestal in the Crater outside the Fire Temple; and a Great Fairy Fountain, which requires the Megaton Hammer for access. The Great Fairy of Wisdom within will double the size of Link's Magic Meter.

There are also two Pieces of Heart - see heart pieces #11 and #27 on Ocarina of Time Heart Pieces for details.