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"When I was alive, I was a renowned warrior and veteran. Yes...When I was alive..."

Darmani was a great hero among the Gorons at the Goron Village. A demon had been wreaking havoc on Goron Village, and Darmani, being the hero that he is, decided to destroy it... by himself. He thought that he could drive away the demon, all alone. Sadly, Darmani did not make to the Snowhead Temple.

"Then the blizzard at Snowhead blew me into the valley ...How infuriating!"

Now, Darmani can only watch as his village is buried and destroyed by the demon's blizzards. After Link gains the Lens of Truth, he can see Darmani. After haveing [[Link}} follow him to the hot spring/ Darami tomb Darmani begs Link to help him, to heal him. Link can do this by playing the Song of Healing. Darmani's spirit is turned into the Goron Mask. Link can then become Goron Link by putting this on.