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This article is about the enemy in multiple Zelda games. For the enemy in Four Swords Adventures, see Shadow Link.
Dark Link
Dark Link from The Adventure of Link




Adventure of Link
Great Palace

A Link to the Past
Palace of the Four Sword

Ocarina of Time
Water Temple

Oracle of Ages
Black Tower

Spirit Tracks
Take 'Em All On


The Adventure of Link
Triforce of Courage

Ocarina of Time

Spirit Tracks
High-value Treasure

First appearing in The Adventure of Link, Dark Link is the representation of the evil inside Link and usually possesses some of the same abilities and moves as Link.


The Adventure of Link

Dark Link, also known as Link's Shadow, first appeared in The Adventure of Link as the final Boss who guards the Triforce of Courage inside the Great Palace. He serves as the final test created by the King of Hyrule before Link can obtain the Triforce of Courage. He is considered the hardest boss in the game. Before the battle begins, the lights in the room go out, Link's shadow jumps away from him, and the duel against himself starts. His main weakness when it comes to mimicking all of Link's moves is jumping. This flaw can help defeat Dark Link. To defeat Dark Link, Link could run all the way to the left of the screen, crouch, and just keep stabbing towards Dark Link. Link will eventually defeat him without taking much damage this way. After Dark Link is defeated, Link obtains the Triforce of Courage and then proceeds to awaken Princess Zelda.

Enemy Data

ShadowLink-AoL-Sprite.png Link's Shadow
Habitat Great Palace
Experience 0
Magic Jar Drop None
Point Bag Drop None
Attack Level
Hits to Kill
1 8
2 8
3 8
4 8
5 8
6 8
7 8
8 8

A Link to the Past

Ocarina of Time


Dark Link
Conquer yourself!

Dark Link serves as the mini-boss in the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. Unlike his predecessor and successors, the Sword isn't the only weapon that can deal damage to Dark Link such as Din's Fire and the Megaton Hammer. Dark Link also has many abilities that Link doesn't have such as him jumping up on Link's Sword. With each hit, Dark Link will fall through the floor and spring back up afterwards. Interestingly, Dark Link and Link have the same amount of health due to Dark Link having the same amount of Heart Containers Link has at the point, making the him harder to kill if the player has collected more hearts. At the beginning of the battle, Dark Link is nearly transparent, but will gradually become opaque as Link damages him. As the battle progresses, Dark Link will also become more aggressive.

There are many ways for Link to defeat Dark Link. Link can use the Deku Nuts to stun Dark Link and attack with the Megaton Hammer or the Sword. Din's Fire is the most powerful item Link can use against Dark Link, so he should stock up on Green Potions. Once Dark Link is defeated, Link is rewarded with the Longshot.

Oracle of Ages

Dark Link has a very minor role in this game. In the second stage of the battle with Veran, she summons 4 Dark Links, and they are far weaker than Link. They move in the opposite direction to the one Link is walking in, much like Arm-Mimics. They cannot attack save for bumping into Link, and always drop a heart upon defeat. They serve merely as distractions for Veran, and can be defeated easily.

Twilight Princess

Dark Link is not fought in Twilight Princess, but it appears in a cutscene narrated by the Light Spirit, Lanayru. He tells Link the tale of how the Twili race was banished to the Twilight Realm. Dark Link is used to represent the Dark Interlopers in the cutscene. In the cutscene, three Dark Links destroy Link (representing a civilian) with their dark magic, resulting in them getting banished into the Twilight Realm by the Light Spirits.

Spirit Tracks

Dark Link also appears in Spirit Tracks as the final boss of the mini-game found in Hyrule Castle Town called Take 'Em All On. In this game, Dark Link can perform a Spin Attack, throw Bombs, and shoot arrows. Unfortunately, while in battle with him, Link cannot use any of his items except the Sword. As Link begins to defeat him, he slowly becomes more and more transparent unlike his predecessors. Once defeated, Dark Link will fall on his back and disappear while Link is rewarded with High-value Treasure.