Daka Tuss Shrine

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Daka Tuss Shrine






Daka Tuss Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Sunken Scoop

In the first room, a metal scoop is at the bottom of the pool. Three floating orbs however, are not metal. Use Magnesis to carefully scoop one of the balls into the ball socket in the corner. Gentle movements are best.

Bring the scoop with you to the next room but forget the orbs. In the next room, there's more. Use the scoop to put one of the orbs above the ball socket (even if it's on the edge it's fine as long as it doesn't fall off.)

Now drop the scoop onto the switch at the bottom of the pool.

Before continuing, head back to the first room. In the area where the water drained, grab a chest. You can now hightail it all the way to the altar for a Spirit Orb.