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This article is about the frog-like Wind God from The Wind Waker. For the frog-like Wind God from Phantom Hourglass, see Golden Chief Cylos.
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Cyclos Artwork






Zephos (Brother)

Cyclos is one of the two frog-like Wind Gods in The Wind Waker. His brother is another frog-like wind deity named Zephos, and their monuments are found in the Wind Shrine behind Dragon Roost Island, each with a song engraved on them. However, Cyclos' monument holding his song had been destroyed, and as told by Zephos to Link, in a fit of rage, Cyclos placed cyclones across the Great Sea. Cyclos can be seen roaming the Great Sea near a giant cyclone.

Link is (sadly) able to fall victim to his furious cyclones, which blow Link to another area of the Great Sea. Cyclos floats on a cloud at the top of his cyclones, impervious to all attacks except one. Link is unable to defeat Cyclos until he receives the Hero's Bow from the Tower of the Gods dungeon. When Link encounters Cyclos prepared, he must shoot arrows at him through the raging winds, which cause the arrows to swerve and become unstable. However, if Link is unfortunate enough to not have the Hero's Bow yet, he will be blown away to another area of the Great Sea.

When Link defeats Cyclos, he floats down and apologizes, noticing that Link carries the Wind Waker. Impressed, Cyclos' attitude changes, and he teaches Link the Ballad of Gales. The Ballad of Gales gives Link the ability to call for Cyclos' cyclones to warp to certain locations, but will only work when Link is on the King of Red Lions in open water.