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Cuccos are chicken-like creatures that are common in The Legend of Zelda series. They are similar to chickens and sound like a rooster. In most games, Cuccos can summon a flock of Cuccos to attack Link if he has hit them too many times.


A Link to the Past


Cuccos appear in a wide variety of areas in A Link to the Past. There is also an alternate form of Cuccos in the Dark World.

Link's Awakening


Cuccos in Link's Awakening appear in Mabe Village and the Hen House. The Cucco Keeper takes care of many Cuccos at his home, but he dreams of meeting one that can fly.[1] When Link awakens the Flying Rooster, the Cucco Keeper's dream comes true.[2] Unlike in other games, Link can actually kill the Cuccos in Link's Awakening by sprinkling them with Magic Powder, which causes them to burst into flames. The Magic Rod can create the same effect.

If Link hits a Cucco with his sword 35 times, a swarm of Cuccos will attack him until he leaves the area or dies.

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, Cuccos can be used to float gently down to certain places. They are used to obtain many Heart Pieces and even a bottle. However, if hit by the sword one too many times, the cucco will "cockadoodledoo" and a massive swarm of cuccos appear. The best way to escape is to quickly enter a building.

Anju in Kakariko Village takes care of many Cuccos. When they escape, she asks Link to gather them all back up for her in a pen.[3] Once he returns them, she explains that she is allergic to them and then gives him a Bottle.[4]

In addition, a Cucco is used to awaken Talon so that Link can enter Hyrule Castle. After that, Talon can be found at Lon Lon Ranch where he allows Link to search for "Super Cuccos" for 10 Rupees.[5] If Link finds them all, Talon gives him a bottle filled with Lon Lon Milk.[6]

The Pocket Cucco and a blue Cucco named Cojiro are also a part of the Trading Sequence.

Majora's Mask

Cuccos in Majora's Mask are identical to the ones in Ocarina of Time. They appear in the Cucco Shack of Romani Ranch, where Grog watches over them. When Link first arrives, they are still tiny chicks, and Grog is disappointed that he will not see them full grown.[7] By marching around with the Bremen Mask the chicks will follow Link and turn into full grown Cuccos. Grog thanks him with the Bunny Hood.[8]

Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

In the Oracle games, Cuccos are very similar to the ones in Link's Awakening. The Flying Cucco, who resembles the Flying Rooster, can be found in Oracle of Seasons.

Four Swords Adventures

Cuccos appear in some stages of Four Swords Adventures.

The Minish Cap

Anju appears again in The Minish Cap with a flock of Cuccos that manage to escape into Hyrule Town. Every time Link plays, the game becomes more difficult.

Twilight Princess

Cuccos can be used for the same reasons as in Ocarina of Time. In Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl, Link jumps from high above Lake Hylia while holding a Cucco to gently float down to the Isle of Riches.[9][10] Rusl also gives Link the Golden Cucco in order to get into the Sacred Grove as a human.[11]

Due to his wolf form, Link can speak with any of the Cuccos. The Cucco Leader in the Hidden Village allows Link to play a game to search for cats.[12][13]

Cuccos behave differently than in other games when attacked. Rather than swarming around him, if Link hits a Cucco enough with his sword, he can take control of it for a short while.

Phantom Hourglass

The Cuccos of Phantom Hourglass are found on a variety of islands in the World of the Ocean King, such as Mercay and Molida. They will support Link's weight if he jumps off a ledge while holding them, which can help him reach Treasure Chests.

Spirit Tracks

Cuccos can be found in Castle Town, where a man is selling them for 50 Rupees for five birds.[14] He can carry them in his Freight Car. While transporting them, Cuccos will run away if the train is attacked.[15] Both Rael, the Lokomo at the Sand Sanctuary and a man from Aboda Village want Cuccos delivered to them. The man in Aboda wants to raise them and asks for ten total, forcing Link to take two trips due to the fact that he can only carry five.[16] Rael wants five.[17] By giving them their Cuccos, both men will give Link a Force Gem. Link can also use one of the Cuccos in the Sand Sanctuary to reach the Stamp Station there after delivering them.