Coliseum Ruins

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Coliseum Ruins

The Coliseum Ruins is a location found in Breath of the Wild.


The Coliseum Ruins were once an area used for combat, but like much of Hyrule, they have fallen into despair. They are now filled with strong monsters.[1] There are numerous Black Bokoblin, Black Lizalfos, Black Moblin, and a Lynel that infest the area.

Just outside of the Coliseum Ruins to the south, near the Aquame Bridge, a Hylian named Dai can be found. He wants to enter the Coliseum to fight the enemies, winning their weapons and some treasure. However, he cannot quite bring himself to do it and instead just stands outside, trembling in fear.

Enemy Variations

The enemies at the Coliseum Ruins will vary in which equipment they hold, depending on how many Divine Beasts Link has defeated. At the center of the Coliseum on the ground floor, Link will encounter a Lynel. On the second floor, there are three Black Bokoblin. There are three Black Lizalfos on the third floor and three Black Moblins on the fourth floor.

Zero or One Divine Beasts

If Link has not defeated a Divine Beast, or if he has only defeated one of them, all enemies in the Coliseum will carry weapons from the Soldier class.

For each of the three types of enemies on the upper floors, one of the variants will carry a Soldier's Spear. Another one of the variants will have a Soldier's Claymore. Then one of the variants will have a Soldier's Broadsword and a Soldier's Shield. So if Link defeats all three Bokoblin, he can acquire all four items in the Solder class of weapons. Defeating all the Lizalfos, will give him a second set of those same weapons.

On the ground level, the Red-Maned Lynel will carry a Lynel Sword, Lynel Shield, and Lynel Bow.

Two Divine Beasts

After Link has defeated two Divine Beasts, all of the enemies in the Coliseum will receive an upgrade. Instead of the Soldier class, all enemies will be upgraded and will now carry items from the Knight class. This includes a Knight's Halberd, Knight's Claymore, Knight's Broadsword, and a Knight's Shield.

The Lynel on the main floor will be upgraded to a Blue-Maned Lynel and will now carry a Savage Lynel Sword, Savage Lynel Shield, and a Savage Lynel Bow.

Three Divine Beasts

All Four Divine Beasts

Nearby Korok Seeds

Pick up the rock.

Pick up the rock.

Shoot the acorn in the log.

There is a log propped up on another log. On the end that is propped up you will see an acorn in the tree. Shoot at it to reveal the Korok.

Pick up the rock on the top floor of the Coliseum.

On the top floor of the ruins of the Coliseum there is a rock that you can pick up.

Chase the fairy lights and examine them.

There is a fairy light traversing through the water. Run up to it and examine it.