Coliseum Ruins

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Coliseum Ruins

The Coliseum Ruins is a location found in Breath of the Wild. It is infested by enemies including Bokoblins, Moblins & Lizalfos. Before any Divine Beasts are defeated these enemies carry their normal weapon types. After one Beast is defeated they then start wielding the Soldier's equipment. Then when two are defeated, they wield Knight's equipment. After three, they wield Royal equipment. Once Link has completed all four Divine Beasts the Coliseum will be filled with elemental weapons: the Bokoblins carry flame weapons, the Moblins carry thunder weapons and Lizalfos carry frost weapons.[1]

Nearby Landmarks

Digdogg Suspension Bridge
Aquame Bridge

Nearby Shrines

Rota Ooh Shrine

Nearby Korok Seeds

Pick up the rock.

Pick up the rock.

Shoot the acorn in the log.

There is a log propped up on another log. On the end that is propped up you will see an acorn in the tree. Shoot at it to reveal the Korok.

Pick up the rock on the top floor of the Coliseum.

On the top floor of the ruins of the Coliseum there is a rock that you can pick up.

Chase the fairy lights and examine them.

There is a fairy light traversing through the water. Run up to it and examine it.