Cold Pumpkin Soup

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Cold Pumpkin Soup




Restores four of Link's hearts


Cold Pumpkin Soup is the unfortunate outcome of the Lumpy Pumpkin's famous Pumpkin Soup after five minutes. Since soup doesn't stay hot forever, after five minutes the delicious Pumpkin Soup becomes cold and loses half of its benefits. While the regular fresh Pumpkin Soup restores eight of Link's hearts, Cold Pumpkin Soup only restores four of his hearts.


When Link breaks Pumm's chandelier, one of the tasks he must do to repay him is to bring Eagus, one of the Knight Instructors in Skyloft some Hot Pumpkin Soup. If Link does not bring the soup to Eagus within five minutes, the soup will become cold and he'll have to get a new cup back at the Lumpy Pumpkin.