Chus are small, blob-like foes that crawl on the ground, jumping at Link on occasion as their only attack. Defeat these easy enemies with one slash of the Sword, or one attack from most other weapons. However, they generally threaten in groups, and often clump together, forming a very large Chu. As such, they require numerous hits to split apart and be defeated.

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A Yellow Chu




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Their name likely comes from ChuChu, which is a foe in many other Zelda games. Chus only appear in Twilight Princess.

Types of Chus

There are six different types of Chus, all of which can be found all over Hyrule in Twilight Princess.

Red Chu

The first type of Chu is known as a Red Chu. It can be found in the Lakebed Temple, Snowpeak Ruins, the City in the Sky, and the Hyrule Castle. It can also be found in the Overworld. When defeated, it releases a pool of red goo. If Link scoops it up in a Bottle, he discovers that it is Red Chu Jelly. The red jelly restores eight hearts like a Red Potion.

Blue Chu

The second varition of Chu is known as a Blue Chu. It, like the Red Chu, can also be found in many dungeons in Twilight Princess, as well as the Overworld. It can be defeated with Link's Sword. Like the Red Chu, it drops a goo after it has been defeated. This goo is known as Blue Chu Jelly. The blue jelly restores all of Link's hearts like a Blue Potion.

Yellow Chu

The next variation of Chu is known as the Yellow Chu. It is first spotted in the Lakebed Temple, and is one of the more common types of Chus. It can also be found in the Lake Hylia Cavern, where it can be very timely for Link, as the goo dropped by this type is Yellow Chu Jelly, which acts like Lantern Oil. If Link runs out of oil in the Lake Hylia Cavern, he can defeat a Yellow Chu and collect its jelly in a Bottle.

Purple Chu

The fourth type of Chu found in Twilight Princess is called the Purple Chu. This Chu is one of the most common Chus in the game. This type first appears in the Lakebed Temple, and appears pretty much everywhere after, dungeons, Hyrule Field, and more. The goo dropped by this enemy is known as Purple Chu Jelly. It does the least beneficial thing to Link, which might be a reason of why Purple Chus are so common. It, like Nasty Soup, has a random effect on Link. Sometimes it restores one or two hearts, or rarely all of them. However, it has been known to even take away a heart or two from Link. In very rare cases, it might even completely kill Link. This is why it is not advised to be consumed.

Rare Chu

The most rare Chu of all is known as the Rare Chu. There are only a select few in the game, hidden in secret grottos across Hyrule. Rare Chus are golden with sparkles, making them very pleasant to look at. The jelly of a Rare Chu is known as Rare Chu Jelly, and acts exactly like Great Fairy's Tears. They cause Link to be invincible for a short period of time, and increase his attack power.

Green Chu

A Green Chu is the final type of Chu found in the game. It is very rare, and can only be found in the GCN version via a hacking device. However, in the Wii version, a Green Chu appears if a Blue and Yellow Chu merge. This is very rare, as Blue and Yellow Chus are very rarely found in the same area. The reason for the insane rarity of the Green Chu is because it was intended to be taken out of the game after the Magic Meter was removed, as its goo, Green Chu Jelly, would have no use otherwise. If Link collects the Green Chu Jelly and drinks it, it does absolutely nothing. In fact, the description text after Link collects it is blank.



  • If a Blue Chu and Yellow Chu merge, they create a Green Chu in the Wii version of Twilight Princess.