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LA19 Christine.png
Christine in the Switch remake of Link's Awakening





Christine is the supposed name of a character in Link's Awakening. She is a goat woman who lives in the northeast of Animal Village and a pen pal to Mr. Write.[1] She participates in the Trading Sequence.



Christine always acts like a lady, and prefers to be treated with manners. She also loves flowers, especially Hibiscus. [2] In addition, she likes to eat paper.[3]

Trading Sequence

Once Link obtains the Hibiscus from Papahl, he can bring the flower to Christine, who will be overjoyed.[4] She requests that Link takes a Letter to Mr. Write, who lives outside of the Mysterious Forest. If he agrees, he can take it to the man, who will open it happily and discover a photo within.[5] The photo is actually of Princess Peach, a character from the Mario games, and not Christine.[6] However, her name is written on the photo, and Mr. Write believes it is actually her and says that she is beautiful.[7]


  • The music played in Christine's house is Dr. Wright's theme from Sim City SNES.


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