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Travels the road between Hateno Village and Dueling Peaks Stable.

Celessa is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Celessa will travel from Hateno Village, through Fort Hateno, all the way to the Dueling Peaks Stable. She speaks frequently about the Spring of Wisdom, located at Mount Lanayru. She recommends Link visit the spring and states that she too is preparing to make a trip to the spring.[1][2] Celessa holds Princess Zelda in high regard, knowing that she visited the Spring of Wisdom to give a prayer.[3] The Spring of Wisdom has been a place for prayer for generations of princesses of Hyrule.[4]

While walking through through Fort Hateno, Celessa will talk about the battle that took place here. The fortress was built to stop the Guardians and many brave lives were lost on this day.[5][6]

Celessa also holds Impa, the leader of Kakariko Village in high regard. She once had the honor of meeting Impa and was impressed by her knowledge of the history of Hyrule, as well as her equally impressive lovely personality.[7][8]

Celessa will stop and rest at the East Wind, the general store located in Hateno Village.[9]



  1. I do not know the purpose of your journey, but...there is a place that I recommend you pay a visit to. Deep in the recesses of Mount Lanayru lies the Spirit of Wisdom... It is a storied spring to which I am making a pilgrimage. - Celessa
  2. The Spring of Wisdom at Mount Lanayru. It is a storied spring... You can't tell me you're not curious. Care to visit it? - Celessa
  3. Have you already been to the Spring of Wisdom? It is known that Princess Zelda visited the spring in prayer. I have a great deal of love and respect for her. - Celessa
  4. The Spring of Wisdom has strong ties to Princess Zelda... It is a place that the princesses of Hyrule Castle have visited from generation to generation. - Celessa
  5. This is the fortress said to have been built to stop the Guardians. We have it to thank for our lives. - Celessa
  6. An ancient battle took place here... Even just being near a place so full of tragic memories is painful. All we can do...is honor the brave lives that were lost here... - Celessa
  7. The leader of Kakariko Village is a wonderful woman. If you can, you should meet with her, as well. - Celessa
  8. I, too, am a traveler. Or perhaps I should say "an adventurer." Yes, that's the one. In fact, I'm in the middle of a journey. I even had the great honor of meeting with the leader of Kakariko Village. She is very knowledgeable of the history of Hyrule, and she is also blessed with a lovely personality. - Celessa
  9. Hateno Village managed to escape the brunt of the Great Calamity, yet somehow the peace here feels so precarious... As one who has traveled and seen so much of the world, surely you must feel it too? - Celessa