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The Castle Town Shop is a shop from Spirit Tracks. The shop is owned and managed by Shitate, a very enthusiastic shop owner. Being that it is the first shop Link encounters in the game, the shop has many basic items including uncommon Treasures and Red Potions. Link can also purchase Prize Postcards as well as his first Shield. Like many shops in the game, five items are available at any time per customer visit.

There are five different treasures that can be purchased from the Castle Town Shop for 300 Rupees a piece. Despite the variety, all five of these treasures are all considered uncommon treasures and have the identical value. Only two of the treasures are available on a given day and if Link purchases one item, it will take a full day until a new treasure becomes available.

Inside of the shop has some unique items in the background that are not for sale including a Tingle statue that is visible on the right side. There is a French horn visible on the left, as well as some sort of statue that resembles the Owl from Link's Awakening.


Item Name Cost (Rupees)
Shield 80
Red Potion 100
Prize Postcard ×10 100
Dark Pearl Loop 300
Dragon Scale 300
Pearl Necklace 300
Pirate Necklace 300
Ruto Crown 300