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Carock is the boss of the Maze Island Palace in The Adventure of Link.[1]

The Adventure of Link

Carock has the appearance of a large Wizzrobe with a red cloak in the game, although it is blue in the official artwork. Its face is covered by darkness beneath the hood of its cloak, revealing only its white eyes. Its appearance and animation are slightly different in the Japanese version.


Carock hurls numerous beams Link while teleporting around the room. Attacking Carock directly is futile, as it takes no damage. It can only be defeated by using the Reflect Spell so that Carock's magical attacks can be turned back at him. A common strategy is to move to one of the far edges of the room and crouch, which enables Link to reflect his attacks while avoiding most damage.

Game Data

Carock2.png Experience Points 300
Item Drop None
Enemy Habitat Maze Island Palace
Combat Data •Can only be damaged by using Reflect
•Requires 8 hits regardless of Link's experience levels



Carock does bear some resemblance to the Magician who tricked the Prince and placed Princess Zelda under a sleeping spell. Despite the similarity though, They aren't the same because Carock is one of the guardians of the temples and protects the Triforce of Courage and was also created by the King of Hyrule himself.