Captain Keeta

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Captain Keeta
Captain Keeta in Majora's Mask


Captain of the Skull Knights




"Ye who awaken me, battle me. Then shall i extinguish the furious flame"

— The tombstone besides Captain Keeta

Captain Keeta, also known as Skull Keeta, is a character that appears in Majora's Mask. [1] Located within the Ikana Graveyard, this large Stalchild is at first seen sleeping soundly and needs to be awoken by Link through the use of the Sonata of Awakening. [2][3] Once the young hero plays this song and wakes up the sleeping skeleton, Captain Keeta will break the archway he was previously resting below and begin to walk the other way, and this in turn initiates the battle between him and Link.


Considering Captain Keeta starts things off by walking away, in a way this battle is also a race, for if Link can’t keep up he’ll likely have to wake up the large Stalchild another time and try again. Link quickly equips the Bunny Hood to ensure he can keep up with the large Stalchild, and after taking out some lesser Salchildren and deactivating the fiery force fields that got in his way, soon gets close enough and begins to hack away at the skeletal captain’s legs. In response Captain Keeta turns around and begins to swipe at the young hero and even tries to drop on him from above at times, but after using his bow to stun the large Stalchild followed by some slashes with his Gilded Sword, Link soon gets Captain Keeta to admit defeat.[4][5][6][7][8][9] After this the captain explains things to the young hero and before being put to rest rewards him with the Captain's Hat.