Calamity Ganon (Boss)

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Calamity Ganon (Boss)


Scourge of the Divine Beast Vah Ruta




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Calamity Ganon is one of the final bosses in Breath of the Wild. Ganon has taken a grotesque form, appearing in a centipede-like figure, with a large head surrounded by Ganondorf's signature long flowing red hair. The beast fights with a combination of the attacks used by the blights he created long ago, and puts up a considerable fight even against the Master Sword's power.


The battle with Calamity Ganon will be substantially different, depending on whether you’ve completed much of the game or not. If you have not defeated any of the four Divine Beasts, than whichever bosses you haven’t fought will appear here in Hyrule Castle, so you might need to take on Waterblight, Windblight, Thunderblight, or Fireblight Ganon. Not only that, but they would be in a gauntlet, one after another, and once you beat them, you’d then take on Calamity Ganon. If you die at any of them, you start over.

Phase 1

Calamity Ganon is basically a greatest hits of the four Ganon’s that we fought in the various dungeons and he mimics many of their attacks. He will shoot ice blocks at you like Waterblight Ganon, at which you can use Cryonis to melt them away. He will create a field of thunder spikes like Thunderblight Ganon, at which you should just run away. He will create tornado gusts like Windblight Ganon and you should just sprint away. He’ll also use a slow laser shot attack. He’ll also take one of Fireblight Ganon’s attacks, launching a ball of fire at the battle field. If you see this, shoot it with an ice arrow before it can ignite the battlefield, or just run away.

Calamity Ganon also has a few melee attacks where he’ll swing his flaming sword horizontally or vertically. He’ll also swing his smaller blue swords as well. Lastly, like all of the Ganons we fought, Calamity Ganon will shoot a giant laser at you. Your best is to target Calamity Ganon and when the laser is shot, jump to the side to avoid the attack, or, you can perform a Perfect Guard, which, if successful, will stun him for an extended period of time. During this phase, you can launch Bomb Arrows or Ancient Arrows at him. While these won’t deal serious damage, they will slowly but surely chip away at him. The more effective way is to perform either a Perfect Guard or a Perfect Dodge. The Perfect Guard can be used during his melee attacks, however, it is risky, as one mistake will leave you unguarded and you’ll take serious damage.

In our experience, the Perfect Dodge is by far the best method. Not only that, successfully doing one sets up a Flurry Rush, and you can get a number of attacks in during the slow motion scenes. In particular, I think this is most effective when he is trying to strike you with his large fire sword. If he tries a horizontal slash, do a backflip just before the sword hits you. If he tries a vertical slash, do a side jump. With proper timing and enough practice, you’ll be able to knock Calamity Ganon down.

When half of Calamity Ganon’s health is drained, it will trigger the second phase of the battle. NOTE: if Calamity Ganon started with only half health, this will trigger when he has a quarter of his health remaining.

Phase 2

This phase is more of the same. Bomb Arrows will no longer deal any damage and Calamity Ganon will start getting more aggressive with his laser shots. He’ll also have another attack where he launches his spear at Link.

When Calamity Ganon comes crashing to the ground, he’ll create a blue circle around him and if you are within it, you will take damage. After he’s hit, he’ll take a few seconds to recover, and then recreate his impenetrable shield.

Stay close, but not too close to Calamity Ganon. We want to be just close enough so that he will trigger his melee attacks. Time it right and do a Perfect Dodge. Just keep at it with sword slashes until Calamity Ganon has been defeated.