Bunnio's House

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Bunnio's House

Bunnio's House is the home of [[Bunnio] and his wife in Spirit Tracks. It is located in Castle Town, on the west side just below the Cucco Pen.

Force Gem

This location plays a part in a Force Gem quest. After completing the Ocean Temple, Link can come here and find a woman saying that her rabbit-loving husband has vanished and that she is very worried about him.[1] After much talking, she asks Link if he has seen him.[2] He tells her he does, and offers her a ride. She happily accepts it, and rushes off to the train.[3][4] After arriving at the Rabbitland Rescue station, she seems very excited to she her husband again, thanking Link.[5] She begins to ponder what to say to him, considering it's been so long.[6] She ends up yelling at him, telling him that his outift is ridiculous.[7] She guesses correctly that he has been frolicing with the bunnies again, and scolds him for that, too.[8] After a couple of very poor attempts to explain things by Bunnio,[9][10] his wife storms off, asking Link to drive her home.[11] However, while Link is preparing to exit, she changes her mind, saying she wants to stay and try to work things out with her husband.[12][13] She rewards Link with a Force Gem for his efforts.

The house is empty for the remainder of the game.


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