Breath of the Wild Ancient and Guardian Weapons

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The Ancient and Guardian Weapons are a type of weapon in Breath of the Wild. Originally developed by the ancient Sheikah Tribe using the energy of the Blue Flame through the Ancient Furnaces as part of the Sheikah's Ancient Tech, modifications were done by Robbie before the advent of the Calamity to create his own set of alternative, more durable weapons for purchase.


The weapons are laser-like blue-colored weapons that mostly retract when not in use, like switchblades. Owing to their nature as laser-like weapons, they produce characteristic hums when wielded, and cavernous bell-sounding clangs when striking their target. Unlike elemental weapons, they do not get discharged. Although they are luminous, their light is faint enough not to be useful in complete darkness. The weapons are non-metallic, so they don't attract lightning.

The weapons wielded by Guardian Scouts inside the many Tests of Strength in Hyrule are among the most useful and readily available early stage weapons Link can encounter.

The weapons developed by Robbie and manufactured by the automaton Cherry, while not being the most powerful in the game, they are among the most durable available. They were developed based on the weapons wielded by the Guardian Scouts.

All weapons in this page are subjects of the Ancient Proficiency boost of the ★★ upgraded Ancient Set, which entails an 80% increase in damage when wielding these weapons.

Damage Bonuses

  • The weapons from the Scouts naturally deal 30% more damage to Guardians; they may also come with varied increased buffs for attack or resistance depending on the individual weapon;
  • The weapons from Robbie's Lab naturally deal 50% more damage to Guardians; albeit stronger than the Scouts' weapons, they have no individual buffs, as they are standard designs for multiple production;
  • All melee weapons of this type can cut Guardian Stalkers' legs with a single strike.
  • Ancient Proficiency (Ancient Set bonus) increases damage dealt with both Ancient and Guardian weapons by 80%;
  • These buffs all stack multiplicatively with each other and regular +Attack buffs from food and elixirs.
  • The Ancient Proficiency does not apply to the Master Sword.

Weapons Wielded by Guardian Scouts

Weapon Icon Type Base Power/
Guardian Sword Guardian-sword.png One-Handed 20 17 Guardian Scout I
Guardian Sword+ Guardian-sword+.png One-Handed 30 26 Guardian Scout III
Guardian Sword++ Guardian-sword++.png One-Handed 40 32 Guardian Scout IV
Ancient Battle Axe Ancient-axe.png Two-Handed 30 15 Guardian Scout I
Guardian Scout II
Ancient Battle Axe+ Ancient-axe+.png Two-Handed 45 20 Guardian Scout III
Ancient Battle Axe++ Ancient-axe++.png Two-Handed 60 25 Guardian Scout IV
Guardian Spear Guardian-spear.png Spear 10 20 Guardian Scout II
Guardian Spear+ Guardian-spear+.png Spear 15 25 Guardian Scout III
Guardian Spear++ Guardian-spear++.png Spear 20 35 Guardian Scout IV
Guardian Shield Guardian-shield.png Shield 18 10 Guardian Scout II
Guardian Shield+ Guardian-shield+.png Shield 30 13 Guardian Scout III
Guardian Shield++ Guardian-shield++.png Shield 42 20 Guardian Scout IV

Akkala Ancient Tech Lab Weapons

As part of the Robbie's Research side quest, Link procures a Blue Flame to ignite the Guidance Stone at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, activating the automaton Cherry. Once activated, and alongside the Ancient Set, Cherry will offer Link the following weapons to purchase:

Weapon Icons Stats Price
Ancient Arrow Ancient-arrow.png 90 Rupees
2 Ancient Screws
1 Ancient Shaft
1 Arrow
Ancient Arrow x3 Ancient-arrow.png 250 Rupees
6 Ancient Screws
3 Ancient Shafts
3 Arrows (~83 Rupees per Arrow)
Ancient Arrow x5 Ancient-arrow.png 400 Rupees
5 Ancient Springs
5 Ancient Shafts
5 Arrows (80 Rupees per Arrow)
Ancient Short Sword Ancient-short-sword.png Attack: 40 1000 Rupees
15 Ancient Springs
5 Ancient Shafts
2 Ancient Cores
Ancient Shield Ancient-shield.png Shield Guard: 70 1000 Rupees
10 Ancient Gears
15 Ancient Springs
1 Giant Ancient Core
Ancient Bladesaw Ancient-bladesaw.png Attack: 55 1000 Rupees
15 Ancient Screws
5 Ancient Shafts
2 Ancient Cores
Ancient Spear Ancient-spear.png Attack: 30 1000 Rupees
15 Ancient Gears
5 Ancient Shafts
2 Ancient Cores
Ancient Bow Ancient-bow.png Attack: 44 1000 Rupees
10 Ancient Gears
15 Ancient Springs
1 Giant Ancient Core


  • The weapons wielded by Guardian Scouts are embedded in them. As such, unlike other enemies, they have to be defeated for them to drop the weapons.
  • Some of the Blights and Calamity Ganon wield variations of these weapons, but those are not obtainable.
  • Due to the bonus multipliers of the game, and given the right steps followed, these weapons can be rendered extremely strong, more than any other weapon in the game.
  • Although it has similar properties with the Ancient Helm, the Diamond Circlet does not contribute to the Ancient Proficiency bonus for these weapons when replacing the Helm in the Ancient Set.
  • Even with Ancient Proficiency, these weapons will only shave off 100 HP from Guardian Stalkers by cutting their legs, just like with any other weapon. The proficiency comes into play only when attacking the body itself.
  • Due to their effectiveness against Guardians, it's assumed that the weapons were originally created based on the powers of the Master Sword.
  • No enemy outside the shrines uses these as their primary weapon, but like any other weapon, they can wield them if they grab a hold of them.
  • The weapons available in the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab are the only weapons in the game that can be purchased with rupees. All other weapons in the game are obtained either through scavenging, or manufactured at no cost of rupees (Champions' weapons).