Brawny Blacksmiths

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Brawny Blacksmiths





Gain Use of Hylian Blacksmith Guild

Brawny Blacksmiths is a quest found in Age of Calamity.


The quest is located at Kakariko Village. This quest is unlocked after completing Road to the Ancient Lab mission in Chapter 1.

"The blacksmiths of Hyrule have been trying to make their bodies burlier for smithing. They've trained day and night. Now, get them what they need to be in top shape for work."

— Quest text

"The blacksmiths finally achieved peak perfect-and they're ready to get to work. They formed the Hylian Blacksmith GUild and will now make weapons suited for warriors!"

— Quest Complete text

Materials Needed


  • Gain Use of Hylian Blacksmith Guild