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Difficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gif


1 Heart.png Bomb
1 Heart.png Contact


Sword - 3 hits
Seashell Sword - 2 hits
Boomerang - 1 hit
Bow - 1 hit
Magic Rod - 1 hit
Magic Powder - 1 hit
Pegasus Boots - 2 hits





The Bomber is a mushroom-like enemy that has grown wings and can fly at great speeds from Link's Awakening. This foe's name originates from the fact that it attacks by dropping bomb's on its foe's head.

The Bomber is a dangerous flying enemy that is located around the central part of Koholint Island. They fly around the screen, dropping bombs at random. Unless Link is very close to them, attacking a Bomber with Link's sword is not advisable, since they usually dodge close attacks. Unless Link has the Boomerang or Magic Rod, it would be best to stay away from them as much as possible, attacking from a distance using the aforementioned items.

In small areas, Bombers can be nearly impossible to avoid. Never stand in place when a bomber is near Link; always keep moving. The best item to use against a bomber is the magic powder. Sprinkling the magic powder on a Bomber turns it into a fairy, and may be worth the risk.