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Bomb Knight
Bomb Knight Sprite from A Link to the Past




A Link to the Past
Hyrule Castle
Four Swords Adventures
Hyrule Castle
Realm of the Heavens


Bomb Knights are enemies that appear in A Link to the Past, Four Swords Adventures and Tri Force Heroes.


A Link to the Past

The Bomb Knights are bomber variations of the Knights. They are wearing a red armor with horned helm, and use Bombs as their weapon. They appear in the Hyrule Castle outdoor area, and atop of Hyrule Castle after Link has rescued Princess Zelda. They attacks by throwing bombs at Link as he passes by.

The Bomb Knights are easily dealt with by throwing their bombs back at them, or slashing them with the sword. Normally, this is not worth the trouble, and it is usually best to just ignore them and move to the next screen.

Four Swords Adventures

In Four Swords Adventures, the Bomb Knights appeared in two variations. The Blue Bomb Knights appears in the Hyrule Castle, and a stronger Green Bomb Knights appears in the Realm of the Heavens. They are wearing a green and blue armor with a helmet without horns. They behave the same as they did in A Link to the Past.

Tri Force Heroes

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