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Bomb as seen in Skyward Sword



Bomb shops, Treasure chests, Grass




Blow up rocks, cracks, platforms
Damaging enemies


Bomb Flower


Powder Keg

Water Bomb

The Bomb is a classic Zelda item throughout the series, and it has appeared in every Zelda game except The Adventure of Link. Bombs are most often used to blow up walls to uncover secrets, and they are regularly stored in a Bomb Bag. Different varieties and uses of bombs have been seen throughout the Zelda series.


Bomb Arrow

Main article: Bomb Arrow

In Link's Awakening one can combine Bombs with the Bow, creating Bomb Arrows which could reach Link can not get to himself. In Twilight Princess Bomb Arrows are equippable, making them much easier to use.

Bomb Flower

Main article: Bomb Flower

Bomb Flowers are most commonly found in volcanic areas such as Death Mountain, Dragon Roost Island, and Eldin Volcano. To use a Bomb Flower Link must pick it up and then throw it wherever he wants to. In Ocarina of Time Link must acquire the Goron Bracelet before he can pick up Bomb Flowers. In Skyward Sword Link can put Bomb Flowers in his Bomb Bag for later use.


Main article: Bombchu

In Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages and Phantom HourglassBombchus move forward until they hit something and blow up. They are able to crawl on walls and ceilings. In Ocarina of Time, they are used in the Bombchu Bowling Alley as well as for a puzzle in the Spirit Temple.

Powder Keg

Main article: Powder Keg

In Majora's Mask the Powder Keg is a more powerful bomb that can only be used by Link in his Goron form. To get a license, Link must use a Powder Keg to blow up the rock blocking the entrance to the Goron Racetrack. Later on, he can use it to blow up the giant rock in front of Romani Ranch on the first day in order to get Epona back and complete other sidequests before the third day (when the rock is broken by the carpenter). It is also used in Ikana Castle to create a hole in the roof. You cam only carry one at a time because they are so heavy.

Blast Mask

Main article: Blast Mask

The Blast Mask is another unique bombing item from Majora's Mask. It is a mask that can be used to blow up things very similar to Bombs. When the Blast Mask is used it will take a while to charge up again, and it will also hurt Link. However, if he uses his shield when activating the Blast Mask, he will not take any damage. Link gets this item by saving the Old Woman on the first night who would otherwise be robbed by Sakon.

Water Bomb

Main article: Water Bomb

In Twilight Princess Link can carry Water Bombs which can explode under water. To place a Water Bomb in the water Link must be submerged in the water and wearing the Iron Boots. Water Bombs can be purchased early on in the game from Barnes, and later ,if Malo opens his shop in Castle Town, the Water Bombs can be purchased there for a very low price. To get the water bombs for free, Link can fish in a place with Bombfish(Lakebed Temple for instance). He can catch them and store them in his Bomb Bag.


Main article: Bombling

Bomblings are an enemy found in the Forest Temple in Twilight Princess. However, after Link completes the Lakebed Temple, the bomb shop in Kakariko Village will carry them in item form. Link can hold 10 in his normal bomb bag. Bomblings act like Bombchus, moving forward after they are placed. Unlike Bombchus, Bomblings are unable to move on walls and ceilings.

Skyward Sword

The functions of the normal bomb have been very much improved in Skyward Sword. Instead of just being able to place and throw Bombs, Link can roll them across the ground or toss them, giving him more control over their motion and where they land. Now, Link can also store Bomb Flowers in his Bomb Bag. Also, if Link tries to use a bomb when he is on fire, it will immediately explode in his hands.