Boating Course

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Boating Course




The Boating Course is an island near the southeast corner of the Great Sea in The Wind Waker. On Link's Sea Chart it is surrounded by Five-Star Isles to the east, the Forest Haven to the north, and Angular Isles to the west. It is here where Loot runs a mini-game, which gives Link the chance of winning up to 250 Rupees. However, the entry fee is 30 Rupees, so the maximum profit is 220. Also in the area, there is a smaller island that Link can reach by using his Deku Leaf. He will find a hidden hole there. Jump in to find lots of Miniblins and three crystal switches. Using his Boomerang, Link can hit all of them to get the Submarine Chart.



In the mini-game, Link can test his boat-skills and try to collect as many rupees as possible within the time limit. The first time the time limit is four minutes, but it is reduced by 10 seconds every subsequent attempt. There are some obstacles like barrels that Link can jump over by using the R-button.

Blue ChuChu

Jump from the highest point of the Boating Course's main island and use the Deku Leaf to glide to the other island to find the Blue ChuChu.