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"The Blue Medicine is the most expensive, but a very good buy."

Blue Potion is a recurring Potion in The Legend of Zelda series. Its uses vary, but commonly include the replenishment of health and magic. This potion is typically one of the most expensive potions in any game it can be found in due to its convenient restoration properties.

A Link to the Past

Link can buy a Blue Potion from the Magic Shop for 160 Rupees. It refills both health and magic.

Ocarina of Time

After Link has received the Odd Potion from Granny and traded it to Fado, he can buy the Blue Potion from Granny's Potion Shop for 100 rupees. It refills both health and magic.

Majora's Mask

If Link brings Kotake a Magic Mushroom at the Magic Hags' Potion Shop, she will brew one Blue Potion for him for free[1]. Subsequently, it can be bought for 60 rupees[2], but only within the same three-day cycle. Before he brings a mushroom to her within the cycle, she will tell him she is sold out for lack of ingredients[3].

The Business Scrub initially found in Ikana Canyon will also sell Blue Potion for 100 Rupees.

While it restores both health and magic, as in Ocarina of Time, drinking a Blue Potion also negates a Blue Bubble's jinx.

The Wind Waker

After Link brings 15 blue chu jellies (there are only 23 blue ChuChus in the game) to Doc Bandam at the Chu Jelly Juice Shop on Windfall Island, he will make Blue Potion. From then on he can buy it there for 60 rupees or five more blue chu jellies.

Hollo's Forest Potion Shop also sells Blue Potion for four Boko Baba Seeds, rather than Rupees.

The Minish Cap

A Blue Potion restores eight hearts only. They can be bought from Syrup in the Witch's Hut for 60 Rupees.

Twilight Princess

With no magic meter, the Blue Potion restores only Link's health. It can be found in Castle Town's Malo Mart. Blue Chu Jelly has exactly the same effect.

A Link Between Worlds

The Blue Potion can be bought at the Witch's House once Link obtains a Bottle and 10 Monster Tails. The Potion costs 200 rupees and will restore all of Link's hearts.



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