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This horrifying life-form utterly
controls the mind and body of its host.

Bilocyte is the infectious parasite that made its way into Levias. Instructor Owlan will state that Levias is not like himself, and that Link should go investigate.[1] After he makes an offering of Hot Pumpkin Soup, the large flying whale appears and is in great pain.[2] After Link defeats the eyeballs coming out of Levias' sides, he lands on top of the whale and is almost immediately confronted by Bilocyte. Its weakness is its eye, and after a few good sword slashes, it will be defeated. Levias will then return to normal, and the story will continue.



  1. "Instructor Owlan knows a great deal about Levias. I recommend that you ask him for more information about this great spirit." — Fi, Skyward Sword.
  2. "I calculate a 90% chance that Levias will appear if you take him an offering of the pumpkin soup he enjoys consuming. To this end, I suggest you take the pumpkin soup to the small island with the rainbow inside the thunderhead." — Fi, Skyward Sword.