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Beedle's Shop, Masked Shop, Beedle's Airshop

The Wind Waker

Beedle was first introduced and is met as a traveling merchant who sails the great sea on his boat, selling his goods along the way. Link can purchase items from Beedle who will keep track of how many items Link buys and award him with points. These points accumulate with each purchase Link makes and eventually add up to give Link small discounts and rewards in the shop.

The Minish Cap

Beedle is found in the center of castle town. He appears after the gust jar is used to 'clean up' dust off of one of the mats in town. This version of Beedle is selling a magical item known as 'picoltye'- an item which grants the user a different magical affect depending on the color.

Phantom Hourglass

Beedle is reincarnated as a shop owner once again. On his ship, he travels around the World of the Ocean King, selling his wares. He has 5 items for sale at all times, which can consist of ship parts, heart pieces and rare treasure which can be sold for rupees.

Spirit Tracks

Beedle in Spirit Tracks is much like the Beedle in Phantom Hourglass, but in a hot air balloon. He will sell bombs, potions and treasures to you. The first time you visit his hot air balloon he will sell you the bomb bag. If you want to visit his shop you drive up too him and blow your train whistle and he will stop for you. Much like in Phantom Hourglass he has membership points. You get one point for every 10 rupees spent. After Link has acquired 500 points he is awarded a heart container.

If you take a boy in Aboda village to his shop, the boy will give you a force gem.

Skyward Sword

Like his previous incarnations, Beedle is a shop owner and sells a wide variety of very useful items, only this time, he sets up business in a floating wooden shop. After hitting the bell on the bottom of the shop with the Slingshot, Bow, Beetle, or Clawshots, Link can grab onto a rope and be pulled up to the shop via a pulley mechanism. The inside of Beedle's shop is covered in large gears, which Beedle keeps spinning by powering bicycle-like machine. His shop carries four items at time. He sells a Life Medal, a Bug Medal, the Bug Net, a Piece of Heart, three Extra Wallets, and three slots for the Adventure Pouch. His familiar "OH" sound effect has been carried over from Wind Waker. If Link leaves without buying anything, Beedle complains that he works hard to keep his shop afloat, and that his effort shouldn't be wasted on him. He then drops link out of a hatch. Also, if Link sleeps in the "bed" on Beedle's floating shop until night, he will wake up on an island located in a different place in the Sky known as Beedle's Island. This is the place where Beedle lands his ship every night and leaves from the next morning/day.