Beedle's Air Shop

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Beedle's Air Shop

Beedle's Air Shop is a location in Skyward Sword. It is a shop that is being held up in the air on electricity; which Beedle is creating by pedalling on a bike. Link can buy certain items there that cannot be found anywhere else.


Beedle's Air Shop is only found in Skyward Sword. However, Beedle does have a Boat Shop in The Wind Waker and in Phantom Hourglass.


Link can use Beedle's Air Shop to purchase otherwise unaccsessable items, like the Bug Medal or the Bug Net.

Purchasable Items

Link can buy these things from the shop at these prices:

  • Bug Net 50 rupees
  • Extra Wallet 100 rupees
  • Extra Wallet 100 rupees
  • Extra Wallet 100 rupees
  • Life Medal 800 rupees
  • Piece of Heart 1600 rupees
  • Bug Medal 1000 rupees

Special Discount

Beedle will give Link a special discount if Link returns his beloved Horned Colossus Beetle. This will reward Link with five Gratitude Crystald as well as a special discount on anything in Beedle's shop.