Barrel Shoot

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Barrel Shoot
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Barrel Shoot from The Wind Waker HD





50 Rupees


Shoot barrels with a cannon



Barrel Shoot is a Mini-Game found in The Wind Waker. The game is run by Salvatore and it can be played over at Spectacle Island.


The game is located at Spectacle Island, which can be found one square to the west of Windfall Island. Link can climb up to the top of the island, where he finds Salvatore sitting by a table. The game can only be played during the daytime. At nighttime, Salvatore can be found holding up a sign, while seemingly being half-asleep. He tells Link to return tomorrow.[1] The game itself costs 50 Rupees to play.[2]


The objective is to use the cannon to shoot the five barrels that are out at the Great Sea. Link has 10 shots to hit all five of the barrels. Link is able to move the cannon left and right, as well as change the angle at which he is shooting. Aiming left and right is rather simple and it's quite easy to align the cannon. The angle to shoot the cannon is the tricky part. However, there is at rick. All of the barrels out at sea are at distances which are multiples of 5. So the only way to hit the barrels is to change the angle degree of the cannon by 5 degrees at a time.

The closest a barrel could possibly be, could be hit by angling the cannon at 15 degrees. If a barrel appears slightly further, it will be at 20 degrees. The furthest barrel is at 50 degrees. It may take playing a game or two to get a good idea of guessing how close or how far a particular barrel is. However, knowing they are all at 5-degree increments, makes it a bit easy.


There are three different rewards that Link can get for winning the Barrel Shoot game. It doesn't matter if it takes only 5 cannonballs, or if it takes all 10 cannonballs to win, the rewards are the same. After you get the hang of playing, this game is incredibly easy to win at all and makes for a good way to make easy cash. After collecting the two main rewards, an Orange Rupee, worth 100 Rupees, becomes the default prize. Since it costs 50 rupees to play and it is almost a certainty that Link can win the game, this makes for a very quick way to earn 50 rupees each time he plays.



  1. "Zzz... I'm already...closed... for today...zzz... Myum myum... Come again... tomorrow... ZZZzzz..." — Salvatore, The Wind Waker.
  2. "If you have confidence in your target shooting, why don't you give this a shot? It's 50 Rupees per game. Wanna try? You bet No thanks" — Salvatore, The Wind Waker.