Animal Companion

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Animal Companions play a crucial role in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. Depending on which Strange Flute Link acquires along his quest, he will get a different companion. Link can get Moosh, Ricky, or Dimitri.

In Oracle of Seasons, the region of Natzu will change, depending on which Animal Companion Link has acquired. If Link has acquired Ricky, the area will become the Natzu Prairie, with Moosh it will become the Natzu Wasteland, and with Dimitri it will become the Natzu River. Similarly, in Oracle of Ages, depending on which Animal Companion Link has acquired, the Nuun Highlands will change shape.

If a Linked Game is being played, whichever animal companion Link acquired in Oracle of Seasons will be the same animal companion Link gets in Oracle of Ages. The same situation occurs if Link first plays Oracle of Ages.

Acquiring Link's Animal Companion

Oracle of Seasons

  • Ricky - Link will get Ricky by default if he does not get any of the alternate strange flutes.
  • Dimitri - If Link wins the Strange Flute from the Subrosian Dance Hall it will become Dimitri's Flute and he will get Dimitri as his companion.
  • Moosh - Link can purchase the strange flute from the Horon Village Shop after completing Snake's Remains and before heading to the northern portion of North Horon. The flute will turn into Moosh's Flute and he will be Link's companion.

Oracle of Ages

  • Moosh - Link will get Moosh by default if he does not get any of the alternate strange flutes.
  • Ricky - If Link scores 250 points at the Shooting Gallery he will get the Strange Flute. This will become Ricky's Flute and Ricky will be Link's companion.
  • Dimitri - Link can purchase the strange flute from the Lynna City Shop.

Animal Companions


Main article: Moosh

Moosh is a giant blue bear that has wings capable of flight. Moosh can hover over the ground for a period of time, allowing him to fly over small holes. Moosh can also pound the ground, destroying any enemies beneath him or nearby.


Main article: Ricky

Ricky is a boxing kangaroo, capable of punching enemies as well as delivering a charged whirlwind punch. Ricky has the ability to jump over small holes as well as up steep cliffs.


Main article: Dimitri

Dimitri is a friend Dodongo, capable of swimming in the deepest of seas. Dimitri can eat enemies while he is swimming. Dimitri also has the ability to scale waterfalls.