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Amber Earrings

Base Defense





100 Rupees,
10 Amber






"One of the items sold by the Gerudo jeweler. These earrings are made with amber, a gem that harnesses the power of the land to increase defense when equipped."

— In-Game Description

The Amber Earrings are a pair of earrings found in Breath of the Wild. They have a base defense of 4, and can be purchased from Starlight Memories, the jewelry shop in Gerudo Town for 100 Rupees, plus 10 Amber.

Enhance Path

Enhancing Armor requires that Link has unlocked as many Great Fairy Fountains as the desired star-level.

Tier Armor Materials
* 7 5 x Amber
3 x Flint
** 12 10 x Amber
3 x Flint
*** 18 20 x Amber
3 x Flint
**** 28 30 x Amber
3 x Flint