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Aliza is a character from Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

Aliza is a Hylian who can be found at Outskirt Stable. Talking to her triggers the side quest My Hero, as she wants to meet the legendary hero. Showing her the Master Sword causes her to acknowledge you as the hero and give you a Star Fragment.

Once My Hero has been completed, if Link tries to talk with her, she will chide him for chatting with a random stranger rather than doing his job, saving the world.

Most commonly during the day, even during rain, Link can find her sitting under a tree just east of the stable. At night, she can be found sitting next to the Cooking Pot on a stool, and stays out there until 12:30, except during a thunderstorm or rain, in which case she goes into the stable. Near 12:30 on the in game clock, she can be seen going into the stable at night while giggling.