Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

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"Robbie, the foremost researcher of the Guardians, lives here with Jerrin, his wife and assistant. Robbie has transformed part of a Guidance Stone into an Ancient Oven, which can produce Ancient Soldier Gear."

Creating a Champion, page 285
Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is one of two Sheikah research labs found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The lab is located at the far northeast end of the map, just up the road from the East Akkala Stable. The lab and its chief researcher, Robbie, are devoted to the research of Guardians and the destruction of the Calamity.[1] The lab's inhabitants include Robbie, director of the lab, his wife Jerrin, and Cherry, a robot who can sell Link ancient soldier gear such as the Ancient Arrows or pieces of the Ancient Set of armor. However, Link will not be able to purchase any of this gear until the nearby Furnace is lit with the Blue Flame found on the top of Tumlea Heights.

Robbie's Research

Main article: Robbie's Research

As part of the Robbie's Research quest, Robbie will task Link with bringing a blue flame over to the furnace, to power the tech lab. The flame can be found to the west at Tumelea Heights, where there is an Ancient Furnace. Link can use the Torch that is found within the tech lab to carry the flame. However, the area is littered with some Blue Moblin and Black Moblin, make it a rather dangerous trip to carry the flame. It is recommended that Link first defeat all the enemies before trying to carry the flame over.

Reactivation of the furnace will provide a travel gate at the front of the lab.

The Skull's Eye

Main article: The Skull's Eye

After completing Robbie's Research, Link can speak with his wife Jerrin, who is researching Shrines. She will talk about a shrine that is in the center of the Skull Lake, out to the west. While the shrine is easily visible, it is in a location that is hard for Link to reach. This will begin The Skull's Eye shrine quest. Link is able to reach the shrine by using the Paraglider from the Akkala Wilds to the north. He'll need to grab onto the pillar and climb the rest of the way up, but it is fairly easy to do. Here Link will find the Zuna Kai Shrine, which will complete the shrine quest.

Nearby Korok Seeds

Examine the swirling leaves at the top of the Tech Lab.

Climb to the top of the lab to find the swirling leaves to examine.

Pick up the rock near the pile of dead guardians.

West of the lab there's a pile of dead guardians. On the west side of the pile there's a lone rock to pick up and reveal the Korok.

Blow up the wall to reveal the rock.

Part of the cliff wall can be blown up with a Remote Bomb, which reveals a rock underneath. Pick up the rock to reveal the Korok.

Move the slab to reveal the rock to pick up.

The slab needs to be moved to reveal a rock underneath. Use Stasis to send the slab flying, then pick up the rock to reveal the Korok.

The seed platform is to the west-southwest, across the chasm. Glide and climb to the ring. Revali's Gale helps significantly.

Continue heading west from the research lab and fly across Bloodleaf Lake to the opposite cliffside. You'll find a seed platform that will trigger a timed yellow circle on the cliff you just flew from. Race to the ring.


  • It's implied that the lab may have been a repurposed astronomy observatory due to the presence of its large telescope. The fact that there's a resting spot on top of it further implies that the telescope is not actively being used by Robbie, or in usable condition at all for that matter.
  • It's necessary for Link to have talked to both Impa and Purah afterwards in order to contact Robbie at the Akkala Lab. Otherwise, he won't be present at the lab, and the lab's furnace cannot be lit.



  1. "The goal of our Sheikah research lab is simple, really. We aim to destroy the Calamity that has endured across time... to rid Hyrule of its dark influence... and above all...to rescue Princess Zelda, who is now a prisoner of the Calamity." — Robbie, Breath of the Wild