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File:Aginah-2.png|Link inside of Aginah's Cave in the [[Desert of Myster]].
File:Aginah-2.png|Link inside of Aginah's Cave in the [[Desert of Mystery]].
{{Cat|A Link to the Past Characters}}
{{Cat|A Link to the Past Characters}}

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Aginah is a character featured in A Link to the Past.

A Link to the Past

Aginah is one of descendants of the Seven Sages and is the brother of Sahasrahla. Other than the Seven Maidens, there are three other characters that are direct descendants of the Seven Sages. This includes Aginah, his brother Sahasrahla, and the Lost Old Man on Death Mountain.

Aginah lives in a cave at the northeast part of the Desert of Mystery. When Link speaks to him, he can foresee into the future and speaks of the Golden Land, the Great Cataclysm, and the Seven Wise Men's seal.

His primary purpose in the game is to help Link enter the Desert Palace. He mentions that the hero will need to acquire the Book of Mudora from the House of Books in Kakariko Village. This book will allow Link to read the Hylia language and enter the Desert Palace.


"I am Aginah.
I sense something
is happening in the Golden Land
the seven wise men sealed...
This must be an omen of the
Great Cataclysm foretold by
the people of Hylian blood...
... ... ...
The prophecy says, "The Hero
will stand in the desert holding
the Book of Mudora."
If you have the Book of Mudora
you can read the language of
the Hylia People.
It should be in the house of
books in the village...
You must get it!
If you are the person who will
be The Hero..."

"Aha! It is the Book of Mudora.
With it, you can read the
language of the Hylia people."