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K4 Challenge — Defeat 500 enemies in 10 minutes! — lv.3[edit]
320px Rewards
"A" rank
  • 7 minutes or less
  • 4,000 or less damage taken
"A" rank victory
Heart Piece (Ruto)
Battle victory
Access Treasure
StageLake Hylia
Special Rule
After 100 KOs
After 200 KOs
After 300 KOs
After 400 KOs
  • Defeat 500 enemies in under 10 minutes.
  • This is easier with Ruto's level 2 weapon. Ruto's BBY combo is her only range attack that can take a large amount of enemies out.
  • Gohma is a pain since she's so fast and hard to avoid. Try to stay away from them and, if they do spot you, stun them with an arrow to the eye and run away.