Zol (Cadence of Hyrule)

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Zol is an enemy in Cadence of Hyrule. Zols are ubiquitous across the map and in dungeons.

  • Movement: Green Zols do not move.

    Attack: Green Zols have no attack.

    HP: 1

    When killed, Green Zols spawn one Green Gel in a space adjacent to the space in which the Green Zol is defeated.

  • Movement: Blue Zols can only move one space up or down, every other beat.

    Blue Zols sometimes appear in pairs, joined by staffs to resemble a pair of eighth notes. When linked as such, one Zol may move diagonally while the other holds still so that one appears to rotate about the other.

    Attack: Blue Zols only damage on collision. They cause 1 HP damage.

    HP: 2

    When killed, Blue Zols spawn one or two Blue Gels, in the spaces on, above, or below the tile on which the Blue Zol was defeated. When there is an obstruction, they may spawn in the tiles to left or right of the tile on which the Blue Zol was defeated.

  • Movement: White Zols do not move. When attacked, they are pushed one space away from the player.

    Attack: The White Zol has no attack.

    HP: 3

    When killed, White Zols spawn up to 4 White Gels in each of the spaces above, below, left and right