Yukari Suzuki

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Yukari Suzuki
鈴木 ゆかり
すずき ゆかり

Yukari Suzuki is a programmer who has worked for SRD since the late 1990's. She joined the Zelda team on The Wind Waker, where she is credited with GBA Programming. She has since worked on numerous Zelda titles, often working with the GBA connectivity, wireless, and network programming. Outside the Zelda series, Suzuki has worked on a number of titles in the Super Mario Bros. and Animal Crossing franchises.

Release Game Credit(s)
2002 The Wind Waker GBA Programming
2004 Four Swords Adventures GBA Programming
2007 Phantom Hourglass Wireless Programming
2009 Spirit Tracks Wireless Programming
2013 A Link Between Worlds UI System Programming
2015 Tri Force Heroes Network Programming Support