Yellow Chu

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Yellow Chu

Yellow Chu are small, blob-like enemies that crawl on the ground, jumping at Link on occasion as their only attack. They are one of many variants of the Chu found in Twilight Princess, including Blue Chu, Green Chu, Red Chu, and Purple Chu.[1]


Yellow Chu are one of the more common Chus found in the game, first appearing within the Lakebed Temple. They are found in Hyrule Field, and various Caves throughout Hyrule, including the Cave of Ordeals. Like other Chu, larger Yellow Chu will split into smaller versions when Link strikes them with his sword. Smaller Chu, if left alone, will crawl towards one another and merger together to reform a larger chu.

When defeated, a Yellow Chu will leave behind some Yellow Chu Jelly. When used, Yellow Chu Jelly acts as Lantern Oil and will be able to refill Link's Lantern.