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Yeko is one of the Anouki that lives in Anouki Village in Spirit Tracks.

Yeko is one of the Anouki that must be paired into a team to form a watch at the request of the Island Chief. Yeko refuses to work with Anoukis with wimpy horns and with those that dress in blue, implying he despises Noko.[1][2] To meet these criteria, Link must pair him up with Bulu. Link must bring Yeko lumber and a worker using the Spirit Train for the project the Anouki is working on.[3]


  1. "Hey! Little green guy! I hear you're helpin' Honcho form monster-huntin' teams. I pity ya, I really do. See, us Anoukis can be pretty particular. Not old Yeko, of course. I'm a real peach! I've just got one tiny preference. I'm not gonna name any names, but there's one guy in our village I can't stand! He's got wimpy horns and dresses in blue. There's only one Anouki who fits that description, so ya should know he is. Ya follow me on all this? Good. See ya!" — Yeko, Spirit Tracks.
  2. "Hey! Guy! Make with the pairing already, would ya? Just keep me away from that wimpy-horned Anouki who dresses in blue. Blech! I mean, who'd wanna pair up with that guy? He's got terrible taste!" — Yeko, Spirit Tracks.
  3. "So, listen... Do ya think ya can bring us both lumber and a handyman? We'd be eternally grateful, guy!" — Yeko, Spirit Tracks.