Yayoi Jingūji

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Yayoi Jinguji
神宮司 弥生
じんぐうじ やよい



December 8th, 1965
Hyogo Prefecture, Japan


Voice Actress

Yayoi Jinguji was a voice actress at Arts Vision who portrayed the voice of Nabooru, the Great Fairy, Koume, and Kotake in Ocarina of Time. She reprised those roles in the games sequel, Majora's Mask.

Sadly, Jinguji passed away on December 17, 2017 from a non-communicable disease at the young age of only 52.

Release Game Credit(s)
1998 Ocarina of Time Character Voices
2000 Majora's Mask Character Voices
2011 Ocarina of Time 3D Voice