Wintre Island

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Wintre Island

Wintre Island is a small island in the mouth of Lanayru Bay in Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

Wintre Island can be found right where Lanayru Bay meets with the Lanayru Sea. It can be found south of the Lodrum Headland and Tarm Point.

There are several treasure chests on and around the island. In the Water just north of the island, a chest can be brought up which contains a Giant Boomerang. A second chest is on the main island, stuck in the ground, and it contains a Silver Rupee. A third chest is found underwater, just south of the island and it contains a Silverscale Spear.


Nearby Korok Seeds

Use the rock to complete the circle.

Complete the circle of rocks.

The flower trail for this begins as you reach the island (as you approach the island from Tarm Point to the north).

Swim to the flower trail and follow it.