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Whittleton Chief







The Whittleton Chief is a character in Spirit Tracks. He is the head of Whittleton. He allegedly lived in Castle Town sometime prior.[1]

He informs Link he must brave the Lost Woods with his Spirit Train in order to reach the Forest Sanctuary where Gage awaits. He also tells Link that the other inhabitants of Whittleton may have more information to offer.[2][3]

Later during the game, the Dating Woman in Papuchia Village laments over the kidnapping of her boyfriend. She desires a new husband who fits three characteristics: He must have a large nose, be burly, and have a beard. When Link transports her to the Whittleton Chief in Whittleton, he is awarded a Force Gem. After the Dating Woman's ex-boyfriend returns from the Pirates' Fortress, he laments her unfaithfulness.


  1. "I actually used to live in the city back in the day. But when the old village chief passed away, there was nobody to replace him. So they called me back here to take over for him. That was decades ago..." — Whittleton Chief, Spirit Tracks.
  2. "So you want to get to the Forest Sanctuary, do you? There's a path we locals usually take. Just go west of this village to find it." — Whittleton Chief, Spirit Tracks.
  3. "Gage, the forest guardian, lives in those parts. He'll be able to help you, no doubt about it. But listen, young fellow-- it's called the Lost Woods for a good reason. One wrong step, and boom! You go right back to the entrance. Talk to the locals here.[.] They can tell you what you need to know.[.]" — Whittleton Chief, Spirit Tracks.