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There are several wars in the Zelda storyline:

  • The Ancient Battle, the conflict between Demise and Hylia resulting in Skyloft being sent to the sky
  • War of Spirits, the ancient war between the Spirits of Good and Malladus described in Spirit Tracks
  • Fierce Wars, the series of conflicts over the Triforce spanning several eras before Ocarina of Time
  • Interloper Conflict, one of the Fierce Wars described in Twilight Princess resulting in the interlopers being banished to the Twilight Realm
  • Unification War, the civil war preceding Ocarina of Time, marking the end of the Fierce Wars and the unification of Hyrule
  • Imprisoning War, or Seal War, the backstory of A Link to the Past, resulting in Ganon being sealed in the Dark World
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